Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Webhosting Easy an "offline" or "online" billing package?

Strictly speaking WH Easy is an offline package, in that it s built on a client/server database engine. However with many of it's functions available via the web, and with the ability to provision domains and websites on the fly on your webservers, it has many of the elements of a online package.

2. How Does WebHosting Easy compare to billing packages like Optigold or control panels like Ensim?

WH Easy offers the best of both worlds. It's a billing package with web functionality, including a control panel. In addition, because WH Easy was built for WebHosting companies, it's functionality "just makes sense" compared to other billing packages which were developed for the ISP or dialup market.

3. What do I need to get started?

The basic setup of ISP Easy requires only a Windows PC. All billing, account management and techsupport functions can be done from the PC. However to utilitize WH Easy's web functionality for employee administration, automated account setup, and end user control panel, you do need to purchase our webserver software, which is a one time additional cost of $749.

4. Can I modify the web functionality of WebHosting Easy?

Yes. The web functionality of WebHosting Easy uses regular HTML files with added tags that get processed and replaced with relevant data when served. All of these HTML files can be manipulated by you as necessary.

5. What's the difference between ISP Easy and WebHosting Easy?

ISP Easy was designed for companies that have complex recurring billing models, involving dialup, wireless, webhosting, and other charges.

Webhosting Easy was tailored for webhosting companies. With it's domain-centric recurring billing model,. everything about it was built to improve the productivity of a webhosting company.

In addition, WebHosting Easy offers more web functionality since a webhosting business requires more on-line functionality.

6. Can I run WebHosting Easy on a Mac?

Yes - WH Easy will run great on a Mac. Call us for more details

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